BC’s Personal Information Protection Act

Use a helpful service-based approach
to market your business

On January 1, 2004 BC’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) came into effect.

Does your online or offline customer relationship marketing tools or online or offline order processing ever capture personal contact information?

Unless your organization only deals with other businesses, your organization likely collects personal information such as name, telephone number, address and email address for all or some business processes.

Privacy and protection of personal information is important for consumers and organizations.

Since it’s the law, why not:

  • Approach PIPA as a business issue not just a compliance issue
  • Leverage PIPA to differentiate from competitors
  • Demonstrate your organization cares about consumer’s privacy

A toolkit for compliance is available from the BC Provincial Government website:

More tips on creating your own privacy policy

Please note that PIPA requires organizations to:

  • Designate one or more individuals to be responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with PIPA [Section 4(3)]
  • Develop and make available policies and practices to meet obligations under PIPA [Section 5(a)]
  • Develop and make available a process to respond to privacy complaints under PIPA [Section 5(b)]
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