Coracle Cove B&B uses email newsletters to share the Sunshine Coast’s incredible experiences with their guests

Jack and Sheila Pope have successfully used email newsletters to market Coracle Cove B&B in Sechelt, BC since they opened twelve years ago.

Jack says, “We’re in the business of selling incredible experiences and I use my knowledge about what I love most about living here to share in my email newsletters. It comes right from the heart.”

“Our guests tell us how helpful we are in making their stay a wonderful experience and the email newsletter is an opportunity to supplement that helpfulness.”

“My purpose is not to “grow” a list but to cement relationships,” says Jack. “We have 500 subscribers that have either stayed with us or will be staying with us.

Jack includes tidbits of information in their email newsletters that he knows his visitors will find valuable, share with their friends and provide reasons for them to come back.

Coracle Cove B&B in Sechelt, BC uses email newsletters
Jack explains that, “Our email newsletter keeps Coracle Cove B&B at the top of mind.” He sends out the email newsletter once a month and sometimes more frequently in summer during the high season. “I’m careful not to bombard people,” says Jack.

“It takes me about three hours to create and send out a newsletter,” explains Jack and his strategy is to map out ideas for several newsletters at a time. He also focuses his newsletters topics on three “baskets” that are valuable to his guests: local restaurant reviews, descriptions of favorite walks and tasty recipes.

When it’s time to write his email newsletter Jack says, “I sit down at the computer and start writing instead of staring at my computer wondering what to write about.” Jack explains, “This strategy also benefits my subscribers as it creates an expectation and consistency.”

Coracle Cove B&B in Sechelt, BC uses email newsletters

“When I log in to Constant Contact, our email service provider, I can see the open rate of our email newsletters which is high,” explains Jack. “I can also track data to see that a person that made a reservation through our website opened our email newsletter on the same day.”

Jack’s advice is to businesses considering using email newsletters is to commit to a regular schedule. “I have to show up to sustain a relationship,” explains Jack, “if there is no commitment to sending regular email newsletters then the relationship falls off the rails.”

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